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Brandon and Rose

Oh the story of us! Well it all started back in high school. While we went to different schools our paths continued to cross. Through work, friends, parties, even a business program we were both involved in. We actually met on a field trip in Daytona in 2006, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2008 that we started dating. And the rest, well that’s obviously history! After 9 long years of being together, on 9.15.17 we made it official and we are now Mr. and Mrs. Fabian. We finally got to experience the joy and love that we have witnessed and celebrated many times in the past 5 years with all of our couples. There are no words to describe the feelings we had or the memories we created but we now understand weddings and being on your side of the camera so much more. We also experienced the struggle in choosing our photo and video team to capture our day. It is such a big decision to make and that is what this whole section of our website is about. It is here to help you see if we are a good fit for you by seeing what we are all about. (FYI – above is one of our engagement session images from the crazy talented Cat Lemus. She also captured our wedding! So do not fret, we eventually found our perfect fit.) We are very excited to start this next chapter of our lives together and for all of you to see it reflected in our work.  Wish us luck!!


These days we enjoy spending our time watching any DIY shows or Modern Family – who doesn’t love that show! – or out on the beautiful gulf fishing or boating around. Amazon Prime is a serious weakness for Brandon and Rose, well, she loves McDonalds French Fries and a fresh Coca Cola in Styrofoam cup – she swears by those cups. We love to take our 5 year old mastiff mix Enzo, or as we call him The Bubba, out for car rides – specifically to get pup cups. It’s his favorite thing! Well actually Enzo has lots of favorite things but we could take about that all day 🙂 We loathe doing the dishes so we usually end up out to eat at some delicious dining spot. And when we are not at our day jobs, we spend our weekends celebrating and capturing our amazing couples on the best day of their lives!


Brandon Paul Photography …

Well that all started with Brandon’s natural love for photography. Since he could walk Brandon has many motor vehicles and toys. He actually started taking pictures of his cars when he was ready to trade or sell them. Then on a beautiful fall day in 2008 he decided to take a chance on Rose. We both cringe at that first set of “session” photos we took. But it sure does show how far we have come. From cars and landscape, to individual people, pets, now to couples, weddings, maternity, family and children Brandon Paul Photography has evolved over the last decade to a unique full service lifestyle Tampa Bay Photographer. We love to start with our clients from start to finish and capture everything in between.


….. and Films

Well here is where the business got fun – and made our hearts overly full! Two wonderful friends of ours got married back in 2014. The only thing anyone and everyone who was married before them told them that absolutely had to get a videographer. They will regret it if they don’t! So off Rose goes – as she was a bridesmaid – in search of a videographer that told an amazing story at a reasonable price. Well that was an epic fail! Rose just didn’t see anything that moved her. Anything that captured the essence of the couple and the day the way she mentally would. And the lightbulb went off. She approached Brandon with the idea to maybe try and capture their wedding with a video. After much hesitation Brandon agreed. That was an interesting day to try out our first video. It was the coldest day of 2014. It was windy. We were all outside at a barn, it was intense! But the content he captured and the story that he created opened his eyes to how amazing it could be to add this service to the company. Almost 3 years later, 45 amazing couples and a ton of wedding day footage, Brandon Paul Photography has now added and Films to its name. And we couldn’t be more proud.


The Team

Most days you can find Brandon and Rose covering your sessions and weddings but we also have a third wheel who completes us. His name is Austin and he is just part of our Wolfpack. Austin primarily covers the video end of this but he enjoys taking photos from time to time. Every now and then we work with a few close friends of ours – amazing local professionals Anthony or Lisa – to capture your day as well. 

But I mean, when your two best friends are photographers also, why wouldn’t you poke fun on the wedding day? Austin is on the left and Anthony is on the right!

Our People

Oh how we love everyone we capture! Honestly “our people” are more than just clients and couples, they become friends and family. We see them once if not twice a year. We keep in touch on social media and always keep that line of communication open. It is just such a blessing to have grown and to have such a wide network of people that choose us to capture the most amazing and intimate times in their life. 


We seem to attract the type of people who are laid back and always smiling. They love their pets like their human, enjoy all types of food, and most of all love to have fun. Anything that has to do with cars, fishing, building things, grilling or dogs is always a great conversation starter with Brandon. Rose loves anything pretty, peonies, talking about your wedding, family or house plans.


Brandon’s favorite things to capture are bridal party prep at weddings, wedding rings, first dances, and any creative sessions that clients come up with.


Rose’s favorite things to capture are smash the cake sessions, first looks at wedding, and beautiful bellies. She loves a great maternity session!


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