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SmittentobeBritton | Casa Lantana – Brandon, Florida

Briana and Taylor were a last minute booking for us! They came to us completely defeated as their original photographer had schedule change due to Hurricane Irma. To be clear this photographer works for the Tampa Bay Bucs, so it was totally understandable, but extremely stressful for these two. So needless to say when we told them we were available, and their photographer referred us as well, Briana and Taylor were a bit relieved, but we knew we had huge shoes to fill!

Briana and Taylor are two peas in a pod. They are PERFECT for eachother. There day was filled with more laughs than we could have dreamed of. Seriously though. So many laughs, Harry Potter references in their vows, running through a banner and almost taking us out as we tried to capture it, a dance off, mother daughter booty bumps, cake in the face and a Slim Shady rap moment. Can you say #weddinggoals? The joy and happiness that surrounds these two is unique and refreshing. Both families are so welcoming it was like we were at a large celebration and the party didn’t stop and no one dropped. The grounds at Casa Lantana are just beautiful and so fitting for the style Briana and Taylor were going for. They were married in a “forest” and they danced under the stars. It was amazing to say the least. Some sneak peeks below! Congratulations again to the Britton’s.


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