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Rachel and Bradley Frieden – The Sunset Ballroom, St. Pete

Do you ever meet other people and just click? Rachel and Brad were referred to us through a mutual friend – who we adore – so we knew they would be an awesome couple. We didn’t realize they would be one of our favorite couples ever!

Rachel and Brad are wonderful people. They are both extremely caring and considerate and seriously soooooo fun! When we set up our meeting to go over their day of details and Rachel suggested Bahama Breeze, we knew we were going to have a great time. We L O V E Bahama Breeze. Literally it is one of our favorite places to go. So over some delicious fish tacos and coconut shrimp we all discussed a little bit about each other, good ole hurricane Irma that just passed, what was going to make their day special, and what they were looking forward to the most. Rachel and Brad made it very clear that they wanted to just go with the flow, enjoy their day and most importantly celebrate aka party their pants off!

Luckily for all of us, they were so easy to work with and very go with the flow as their wedding day was full of lovely Florida rain storms. They both stayed so positive and upbeat about everything. Their bridal party was awesome as well. They were so happy and helpful. One of the best groups we have spent time with and they made us feel as though we were part of their crew too 🙂 The ceremony was moved inside from the originally planned Vinoy Tea Garden and our warm glowy sun was non-existent. But that did not stop these two! It did not stop their smiles, or excitement, or genuine happiness once they finally saw each other at the ceremony. It was like sparks were flying all over the place. That is really true love. It beamed so purely out of them it made you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Rachel and Brad were such troopers that they finally said “lets do this” and we headed out into the rain and took some of our favorite, dramatic pictures we have ever taken. These two were literally a dream to capture and spend the day with. And after all was said and done it was time to P A R T Y. And let us tell you….. they partied. Hard! It was a blast. Jonathan Cortez the JAC of All Trades kept the dance floor beyond packed, whether he was hitting the 1’s and 2’s or signing Tennessee Whiskey. He is amazing, and if you are looking for entertainment and a DJ he is the bomb.com!

We are just so happy to have been chosen to share the day with Rachel and Brad and here are peeks into their day. It was nothing short of perfect and we are so excited to have them be apart of the Brandon Paul Photography & Films family. PS so much more to come from this day because we also got to capture video and lets just say its going to be perfect.






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