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Almost Youngerman – Alex & Keith

Seriously there are no words for the magic that happened on Saturday night. We have been great friends with Alex for at least the last 10 years, which means her and Keith have been together for almost 6 (6 YEARS PEOPLE). When we heard that she was FINALLY getting married we could not have been more excited for her. Keith is a down to earth guy that totally and completely compliments Alex in every way possible and vice versa. So you already know when we got that “will you shoot our wedding?” call, well we knew we didn’t have a choice B U T we were so happy and ready for their day.

One thing to note about Alex is she is extremely indecisive. And this is not a new thing that started because she is wedding planning. That is just who Alex is. I probably get at least a text a day with some question in relation to her wedding. Does the style of her wedding dress flow with her decor, what should she do with her hair, who should she use for makeup? The list goes on…. and on! So needless to say, planning their session was a challenge. Not so much for us but definitely for her. For months she reached out so nervous about EVERYTHING! What about the people at the beach? What color should Keith wear? What do you mean you want us to get in the water?!! And the toughest one, how were they going to look on camera as they are both not the most “camera friendly” people? We continued to reassure her that it would all be ok, and we would walk them through each step of their session.

To say that Alex and Keith rocked their session is an understatement. They allowed themselves to totally be in the moment, enjoy their session and leave everything else up to us. We are confident their wedding will be a blast and cannot wait to share that day with their friends and family, our friends and extended family. Ugh, the below photos are everything. We just cannot.get.enough. The weather was perfect, mother nature provided us with a beautiful sunset and the rest is history!

Only 2 months until their big day. Can it just be January already…..




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