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#happytobeahaney | Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach, Florida

Sometimes when you meet couples, you just click and know immediately you are just hitting the client jackpot. Well, Kim and Travis are definitely two of those people. They asked us the right questions, they took our recommendations to heart, they even asked us what we wanted to eat at the wedding cause they wanted to be sure we were going to be served the same food their guests were served. They wanted us to capture their day but celebrate with them as well. And let us just say, we were so excited when they reached out to use to capture their wedding and we could not have spent that day with anyone better! After months of exchanging emails with Rose and meeting to go over day of logistics, October 6th was finally here. While the rain may have forced the venue to move the reception inside off the roof top terrace, this day was destined to be filled with the best kinds of beauty and emotions there could possibly be.

Kim had a lot of first looks that day! One with her bridesmaids seeing her all dressed for the first time, one with her father and then one with Travis. And each first look was better than the last. This was also probably one of our favorite Bride and Groom first looks…ever! As Kim walked out to meet Travis, it was almost as if time had stopped. There were no people laughing, or cars passing, it was just the two of them on this terrace with nothing but the sounds of waves lightly in the background and a whole lot of love pouring out from the inside of these two like silent fireworks. IT WAS CRAZY! And then Travis turns right around after the little shoulder tap from Kim, and his expressions say it all. He was just in awe of his bride standing in front of him. He allowed his emotions to be present and he was certainly in the moment. It was amazing. And we must say, Kim was a gorgeous bride too, so we do not blame him one bit for feeling the way he did when he saw her!

The ceremony was full of love and laughs as one of their best friends officiated. It was his debut into the wedding world, but it wasn’t all that bad, and it was certainly a ceremony to remember! After some time on the beach with these two, and their Coronas, we headed inside to the beach side ballroom for dinner, drinks and a lot of dancing. This group knows how to P A R  T Y. They were on the floor all night. It was truly a wedding to remember and we could not be more blessed to have clients like these. We hope that you two enjoyed your honeymoon and that these photos brighten up your post wedding sadness. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Haney!



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